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  • Electric vs combustion engine: and the winner is...

    by Kim Winnepenninckx | Jan 15, 2019
    There are many contradictory studies and reports on the ecological footprint of electric cars. It has become a nonsense debate in which supporters and opponents bombard each other with arguments. But who is actually right? This is what Europe wanted to know, which is why the European Environment Agency (EEA) carried out an in-depth study for the European Commission. The result: an extensive 80-page piece of work that shows the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of all types of electric vehicles and compares it to those with combustion engines.
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  • New innovations to make bidding even more exciting

    by Kim Winnepenninckx | Dec 19, 2018
    CarsOnTheWeb, the online vehicle auction website, has launched game-changing features to guide customers towards immediate auction success, making vehicle auctions more exciting than ever before.
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  • Platform games

    by Kim Winnepenninckx | Dec 14, 2018
    During the past decade, the modular platform has revolutionized the production of our vehicles and expanded the range of automobiles. This technical and economical tool has transformed the automobile landscape, without drivers knowing.
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  • KAR to Extend International Footprint with Acquisition of CarsOnTheWeb

    by Kim Winnepenninckx | Nov 28, 2018
    Digital Wholesale Auction Platform to Anchor Company’s European Operations and Expansion. KAR Auction Services, Inc. (NYSE: KAR), a global automotive remarketing and technology services company, announced it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Belgium-based CarsOnTheWeb (COTW). The potential transaction is valued at approximately 91 million euros in cash and up to an additional 65 million euros over a specified period of time contingent on certain terms, conditions and COTW performance. The companies expect to close the transaction the first quarter of 2019 subject to certain required regulatory approvals.
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  • 15 cars that are set to make it in 2019

    by Kim Winnepenninckx | Nov 09, 2018
    When the time approaches for you to renew your range of second-hand cars, it is always worth taking a look at how the market is developing and anticipating the trends that will colour the sector. An empty showroom and (hopefully) a full cash register are the perfect conditions to go through the market in a flash and snap up a number of new gems. First of all: it’s never a bad idea to find out what is likely to happen in the sector over the coming months and years, to understand the underlying developments and adjust your range accordingly. Will the demand for diesel in Western Europe continue to plummet, in favour of electricity? CarsOnTheWeb shows the way with an overview of the main newcomers at the Paris Motor Show.
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  • How much will the WLTP rock the second-hand market?

    by Kim Winnepenninckx | Nov 09, 2018
    Since 1 September, all new cars registered in Europe must pass the WLPT test, which is a more realistic way of measuring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This new turning point has given rise to many questions and concerns. What about the impact of this new standard on the sale of second-hand cars?
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  • Gino talks: Our brand new, ultra-efficient Car Detail page.

    by Marinka Kerryn | Nov 09, 2018
    We want your CarsOnTheWeb experience to be the best experience possible. Quick. Easy. And completely hassle-free. We usually accomplish this with little updates and by introducing handy new services. But, we have decided it was time to start a major overhaul of the website. The result? Game-changing improvements that deliver the best experience possible. We started with a few new features ...
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  • 7 heights and lows from 70 years of Porsche history

    by Marinka Kerryn | Oct 08, 2018
    It is exactly 70 years ago this year that the very first Porsche, which was based on the on the Volkswagen Beetle 356, delivered its very first meters in the Austrian city Gmünd. How did Porsche succeed in becoming one of the few post-war brands to become one of the most reputed car manufacturers in the world? CarsOnTheWeb went browsing in the richly filled Porsche archives, and hit 7 major milestones.
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  • Connected vehicles: What if ... cars could talk?

    by Marinka Kerryn | Aug 30, 2018
    Today's cars are just brimming with technology, but communicating with other four wheelers and other road users, we still do with indicators, hooter and brake lights. But all that's going to change in the future. Cars will communicate with each other and with their environment, and that will be a major step forward for safety, traffic flow and vehicle efficiency...
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  • Ford Fiesta: destined to remain popular

    by Marinka Kerryn | Jul 30, 2018
    It all started in 1976, when the world met the Ford with the festive name, the Fiesta, for the very first time. Since the first model left the factory, Ford has produced more than 17 million Fiestas around the world. Join us on our journey to discover the history of Ford’s compact smash hit, which is still enjoying unparalleled success on today’s international second-hand market.
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