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  • Dieselgate: severe consequences for the second-hand market

    by Marinka Kerryn | May 16, 2018
    There is no doubt that the Dieselgate scandal has left the Volkswagen group battered and bruised, but the post-Dieselgate era also represents a new reality for the car industry in general and the second-hand market in particular. CarsOnTheWeb too has noticed a large shift in engine choice among end consumers – and this is a change that players on the second-hand market would do well to adapt to. Because, as the business saying goes, a good crisis can make for great opportunities...
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  • Gino Talks: Improved car descriptions

    by Marinka Kerryn | May 15, 2018
    How important is the car description when you want to make a purchase? You told us it’s one of the most important factors. And we listened well. So, we have decided to improve our car descriptions to make it easier for you to buy cars. By standardising our car descriptions, we have made them more accurate, easy to read, trustworthy and reliable. At the same time, we have eliminated a lot of hassle.
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  • Second-hand electric cars: seize the opportunity (while you still have the chance)

    by Marinka Kerryn | Apr 09, 2018
    In our previous blog, we pointed out that the majority of car manufacturers will be producing many more electric cars in the near future. This means the number of cars will increase, but prices will probably remain high the next few years. Or is there a chance for opportunities in the second-hand car market?
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  • These electric cars are coming by 2020

    by Marinka Kerryn | Mar 14, 2018
    Whether you’re for it or against it, the rise of the electric car is now unstoppable. As a pioneer, Tesla has opened many eyes and doors; in the meantime the product offensives of the major carmakers are also gradually coming up to cruising speed. And yes, there are also surprisingly fun and affordable cars among them.
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  • Gino Talks: New registration process

    by Marinka Kerryn | Mar 01, 2018
    No one likes delays. Especially when they’re unnecessary. And we believe there were unnecessary delays for new customers who wanted to find cars at COTW. Before a new customer could start bidding, they had to validate a number of different elements...
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  • CarsOnTheWeb acquires German network for car trade GWLISTE.DE

    by Marinka Kerryn | Feb 08, 2018
    As of 7 February, CarsOnTheWeb acquires GWLISTE.DE, the German network for the car trade. This takeover fits in with CarsOnTheWeb’s growth strategy.
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  • Excellent customer satisfaction at CarsOnTheWeb.

    by Marinka Kerryn | Dec 13, 2017
    CarsOnTheWeb, the online auction website for the car trade, measures the customer satisfaction for each transaction since beginning 2017. With an average satisfaction score of 8.3/10, the car auction platform is one of the best in the sector.
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  • Gino Talks: Mobile app

    by Marinka Kerryn | Dec 05, 2017
    What is the most important item in your professional world? For many of us, the answer is clear. It’s the coffee machine. But your smartphone probably comes in very high on the list too. If you’re anything like me, you have your smartphone with you at all times. After all, a smartphone is basically a mobile office. It lets you work whether you’re on the way to work, visiting clients or away from your desk. It’s indispensable. Just like CarsOnTheWeb. Which is why we have decided to bring these two indispensable parts of the professional world together: we are proud to announce the CarsOnTheWeb app. Download it to your smartphone and you’ll be able to follow up on your bids, look for cars, bid on them and do plenty more, whenever you want, wherever you are. It won’t take you long to see the benefits of having a mobile version of CarsOnTheWeb …
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  • How to easily increase the value of a car before reselling it?

    by Marinka Kerryn | Nov 28, 2017
    As a second-hand car trader you are keen on finding the right cars for the right price. The creation of added value is often key to obtain attractive margins and make more profit. This list of easy and low-cost tricks can help to improve the quality of the used vehicles you are selling and boost the car’s resale value.
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  • CarsOnTheWeb launches a mobile app

    by Marinka Kerryn | Nov 27, 2017
    CarsOnTheWeb, the online auction website for the car trade, has launched a mobile app in order to increase the service level to its customers and thus offering a faster, easier and hassle-free experience.
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